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Introducing the Kickstart Program Series by Melanie Power

kickstart your journey

Are you ready to Kickstart your Accounting or Bookkeeping Business into empowering you to Command The Price You Deserve For The Value You Deliver and design the life you want!

Mel has designed specific programs to help accountants and bookkeepers grow their own businesses to serve their lives and teaches a proven methodology on how to do this that she used in her own accounting and bookkeeping business that she took from no clients to 120 clients in a year.

This step by step proven process has helped hundreds of people all over the world turn their talents with their technical skills into tangible products that are designed to support business owners all over the world achieve what they want in their businesses. 

It’s all about “paying it forward”.

Mel covers various topics in her suite of programs which include a mix of live mentoring, education & a supportive and collaborative community; all of which are lifetime access……

Business Mindset

Revenue/Capacity Modelling


Sales Process & Selling Skills

ORGANIC Client Attraction

Pricing & Proposals

PAID CLient ATtraction

Building Your Own Education Online

If you are an accountant or bookkeeper, with all of your technical skills in place and are ready to build your business, whether you are just starting out or are already in business but ready to grow and want to get business systems in place then check out Mel’s free training and book in for a free strategy session to discuss how we can help you get Kickstarted today!

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Command The Price You Deserve for the Absolute Value you deliver

free training

Access Mel’s Free Webinar Training for Accountants & Bookkeepers & Women In Business on 3 key things that can help you get started on you own journey of Commanding The Price You Deserve and building your own  business here.

You also get a free bonus of a workbook to accompany the training.

Command The Price You Deserve for the Absolute Value you deliver
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