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Melanie Power is all about Empowering accountants and bookkeepers in business to Command The Price they Deserve for the Value they Deliver!

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Mel is from Maitland, a rural town in New South Wales, Australia, and her love of helping small business owners be in control and educated around how to successfully run their businesses started back in the early 1990s where she started her career as a tax accountant. Mel very quickly came to realise that the important work was really around how she was able to put the words behind the numbers to tell the story of the business to those that were running it. The mission was to get the clean data in place so this important function could actually happen. Hence her love for the role of the bookkeeping function and hence the birth of her very first bookkeeping business, which spanned across the introduction of desktop technology to her flagship business based entirely on cloud technology which was a revolutionary way of running a technology-based accounting firm and one that broke totally from traditions! 

This business had incredible success with 120 clients in a year being serviced by a lean operational team with high concierge client outcome delivery.

Mel has also owned several other businesses including a KTM Motorcycle Dealership, including a Finance & Insurance Brokerage.  These businesses allowed Mel to really work in her love of Sales and Marketing, having started as an early adopter of selling online and into digital communities which was again,  a revolutionary way of doing business in this industry. During this time she developed a unique way of packaged based selling into the motorcycle industry which she then later applied these concepts to her cloud-based accounting business.

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The next step of Mel’s journey on championing and revolutionising the way businesses ran in the accounting industry continued as she was engaged with the accounting software company Xero as their Industry Lead, Head Of Bookkeeping and Head of Global Partner Communities. During her tenure, she planted and grew 13 online communities resulting in managing around 30,000 members. She also created the highly successful Grow Your Practice Series for Bookkeepers which resulted in Bookkeepers achieving a 47% revenue increase in a 6 month period. 

In July 2018 Mel left her corporate role at Xero to return to her love of Small Business and now works full time delivering her Program Series Kickstart for Bookkeepers under the Melanie Power Brand.

Mel now delivers her education and mentoring to other accountants,bookkeepers and women in business all over the world, teaching them a step by step methodology around how to build a solid foundation for the business to grow from.

It’s all about “paying it forward” and empowering others with the knowledge and skills to make it happen for themselves so they can have a business and life they love.

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Melanie Power

“Melanie Power is 100% focused on helping accountants and bookkeepers to obtain freedom and financial independence by empowering them to Command The Price They Deserve For The Value They Deliver, and to Design Businesses They Love”

Command The Price You Deserve for the Absolute Value you deliver

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Having a proven system to consistently generate new business and a robust sales process to take a total stranger to a high paying and valued client is one of Mel’s key teachings. It’s about “learning to fish” in the old Chinese proverb and learning these skills, so you don’t have to rely on others technology for results.


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