Empowering Women in Business to Command The Price They Deserve

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Empowering Women in Business to Command The Price They Deserve 

Women in Business

Melanie Power is a serial small business startup addict, having had a range of businesses from accounting practices, motorcycle dealerships, finance brokerages and IT consultancy. Her passion and expertise is all about the planting and growing of businesses and she has developed her own unique methodology of doing this, with a specific focus of empowering women to be the master of their own destinies and to live life to their own plan, and design a business that serves them and their clients!

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Come and join in the discussion in our Global Community that is focused on helping women in business to Command The Price they Deserve for the Value they deliver! With over 6000 members, the discussion is informative, collaborative and most of all fun.


Command The Price YOU Deserve for the ABSOLUTE Value you deliver

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Kickstart for Bookkeepers is a bespoke program designed for Bookkeeping professionals that are in business or want to start a business on how they can create a solid platform for growth using proven methodologies.


There is a time when one to one mentoring provides that super kickstart you need to be inspired and motivated and also delivers accountability to remove those roadblocks and ignite your business.


Mel is available to speak at your event on a range of inspirational topics and delivers real-life and practical solutions that are key takeaways for your audience to actually implement and make a change for the better!


A retreat designed to get you OUT of the day to day grind and into a space that provides, nurture and structured learning in an exotic environment. You will come back focused and with a new mindset on leading an integrated life. These are by application only.

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