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Melanie Power is a serial small business startup addict, having had a range of businesses from startup to succession all built to 6 & 7 figures in the accounting profession, motorcycle dealerships, finance brokerages, technology consultancy and also now in the coaching, education and training profession.

She has also worked for a major accounting software company as an Industry Representative and Champion for Bookkeepers & Accountants, creating educational practice growth programs and planting digital communities.

Her 30 years of business expertise is focused on helping accountants, bookkeepers and women in business to obtain freedom and financial independence by empowering them to Command The Price They Deserve For The Value They Deliver, and to Design Businesses They Love.

Mel has developed her own unique methodology of doing this, a step by step process that provides a clear roadmap for women to follow and make the desired future a reality.

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Access Mel’s Free Webinar Training for Accountants & Bookkeepers & Women In Business on 3 key things that can help you get started on you own journey of Commanding The Price You Deserve and building your own  business here.

You also get a free bonus of a workbook to accompany the training.

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